How we use essential oils at the McGlothlin Home for Boys

So the world has gone a bit crazy over essential oils, and you're wondering what in the world they are and how people actually use them in their homes.

If you're a skeptic, like I was, and don't really believe someone could truthfully use them all that much, read on. I'm going to walk you through how we use them on a daily basis!


6AM (Mommy gets up)

I like to diffuse lavender and peppermint right behind me while I'm reading my Bible and praying. I wake up stuffy, and it helps promote clear airways and breathing.

8AM (Boys get up)

Sometimes, I'll switch to diffusing doTERRA's Peace blend because it promotes calmness. My boys tend to wake up a bit on the grumpy side, so we need all the help we can get to get the morning started off well!

9AM (Breakfast)

We all use doTERRA's On Guard blend daily to help support healthy immune systems. I also take a blend of frankincense, lavender, lemon, and fennel with my meal (in a veggie cap) to help build and maintain a healthy immune system, naturally cleanse my body, aid in seasonal support, and relieve digestive troubles (respectively). I recently started adding doTERRA's Deep Blue Polythenol Complex a couple times a day to help with some muscle discomforts I deal with from time to time (it's SUCH a huge help!).

My husband loves to add cinnamon to his steel cut oats to help maintain a healthy immune system, promote oral health, and as a natural flavoring.

Noonish (Lunch)

I usually diffuse Motivate to promote feelings of confidence, courage, and belief (you might think that's crazy, but when was the last time a smell made you feel a certain way? Ever walked by a rose bush and smiled? Or smelled your grandmother's perfume and instantly felt peace? Yeah, that).


I'm usually tired by now, so I like to diffuse some wild orange and spearmint to help uplift and stimulate my mind and body. It's one of my favorite smells!


This is admittedly the hardest time of the day for us. My boys get wired after dinner hits their bloodstream and it's hard to keep them calm. I find diffusing lavender or Serenity helps a lot (I rub it on their pillows and on the bottoms of their feet, too). It also helps to wear them slap out so they don't have energy to move ;)

If my husband is going for a run, he spreads Deep Blue Rub all over his knee pre and post-run to help comfort tired and sore joints and muscles. For him, it makes the difference between his ability to run or not post-ACL surgery!


We deal with seasonal threats a lot in our home, so I'll often diffuse a combination of lemon, lavender, and peppermint, OR eucalyptus and arborvitae to help promote healthy breathing.

Then we get up, and start all over again!

Of course, we use EOs for other things too throughout the day, as the need arises. For example:

  • Lavender to help soothe skin irritations.
  • Lemon to purify the air and surfaces around the house.
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil to take off my eye makeup at night.
  • Frankincense under my eyes at night (instead of eye cream).
  • Melaleuca for skin irritations on my face (especially around that time of the month).
  • Myrrh to soothe minor booboos.
  • I love to cook with oregano, cilantro, and other "herb" type oils.
  • Peppermint to freshen breath naturally, ease an upset stomach, or ease the occasional stress around my forehead.
  • Instead of using bug sprays with unhealthy deet, we use TerraShield!
  • We even use EOs on our dogs!

Hope that gives you some ideas for your own home!

Of course, now you're wondering how in the world you get some of these fabulous EOs, right?

As promised, my secret, "Calm it Down, Boy" recipe!

  • 1 spray bottle
  • 10-20 drops of lavender essential oil (or wild orange)
  • 1 boy with hair that needs to be combed every morning

My boys are very into their hair these days, and wake up every morning with the crazy bedhead. Their hair has to be wet in order to be styled, so I mix lavender in with their water bottles. They smell good AND the calming properties of lavender do their thing!