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It's Here! And it's 100% FREE {Hope for the #WearyMom}

You read that right friends. The new, expanded edition of Hope for the Weary Mom: Where God Meets You in Your Mess is finally here...

And it's FREE.


That's right friends! For the next 48 hours (October 23 & 24, 2012) you can get the new Hope for the Weary Mom (with over 50% brand new content) absolutely free for your Amazon Kindle.

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To celebrate, Stacey and I are posting in several different places. Each post shares a different part of our journey and heart, so be sure to read them all!

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Special thanks to the lovely Tricia Goyer for writing a thoughtful foreword for Hope)


the story behind the new hope for the #wearymom cover design

One of the best parts of writing the expanded edition of Hope for the Weary Mom: Where God Meets You in Your Mess with Stacey Thacker has been watching her husband, Mike, work tirelessly to make her dream come true. His dedication to serving his wife and building her up has been inspirational, to say the least. Mike is a gifted photographer and, plainly, a gifted graphic artist as well. His talented eye took our dream for what the cover of Hope would convey to a potential reader, and made it a reality.

Mike, thank you so much for your hard work, and for not giving up until it was right. Your dedication and determination mean the world to your wife and me.

We put it to a vote on Facebook, and by a landslide, this cover captured the vote.

So without further ado...

The unveiling of the new Hope for the Weary Mom cover design....(drum roll please?)

Where God Meets You in Your Mess

We call her Anne. Because it's a green cover and that reminds us of Anne of Green Gables. She doesn't have red hair, of course, so no one will be calling her Carrots, but we'd like to formally introduce you to our Anne, and pray that she communicates hope in the midst of your weariness. We love her.

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I can tell you this friends...the first 48 hours of our launch will be like nothing you've ever seen before. Excited? We hope so!

on when to leave a marriage, & when it's time to go back {Stephanie's Story #SheSaidYes}

{Today is week five of our #SheSaidYes series! Please welcome my friend Stephanie Glidden (see her bio below), and be encouraged to say “yes” to God in your life too!}

Four years ago, my marriage was in crisis. I never saw it coming.


I was in my bubble of being a happy homemaker, church going, loving wife. I kept a clean home, homeschooled my children, had a healthy dinner on the table every night, and tried to always look good for my man when he came home. That world I thought we all lived in came crashing down pretty quickly. My husband got home from work late one night, he had been drinking, and he had forgotten about going to church. This wasn’t the man I knew. A fight ensued and it was then that I learned about the bitter resentment that was in his heart towards me. The hatred spewed from him. I was devastated.

I wasn't a saint, don’t get me wrong. I obviously overlooked a very serious issue in my marriage. I had created my perfect world and expected my husband to think it was perfect too, never acknowledging his needs or wants as important. I was so disillusioned that I never saw the signs right in front me.

We went through a year of terrible arguing, silent treatments, bitterness, and many, many hurts. One little thing could set the land mine going again.

Our early years in marriage were very difficult, and I thought I had forgiven those things, but this crisis brought it all to the surface again. I looked at the man I had been married to for 14 years and I wanted out.

I couldn’t imagine how God could want me to stay in this marriage. My husband had walked away from the Lord and in his heart had walked away from me. Wasn’t that a good enough reason to leave?

So I packed up our 3 children and left.

And for once in a long, long time I felt happy and free.

I knew deep down that God didn’t want me to do this. But I had been hurting and struggling for so long, I couldn’t see any other way. My husband let me leave. He never chased me down or begged me to come home, which made it even easier to walk away. The longer I was gone, the less I wanted to go home. We would meet up a couple of times to try to talk things through, but I would end up so frustrated and hurt with him again, it seemed like it was beyond repair.

One day, I was talking to a very dear friend on the phone. I was telling her how happy I finally was. She didn’t pat me on the back. She told me to go home. That night. I didn’t like it but I knew she was right. God didn’t want this for our family. And truly, neither did I.

I went home.


And it was one of the hardest things I ever did. I decided to rebuild our marriage, even if I was the only one willing to work on it. And for a while I was.

I had to humble myself and accept the mistakes I had made.

I had to learn to turn the other cheek and remain silent when challenged.

I had to love even though I didn’t feel it.

Slowly, over time, we found that spark.

The hurt and the resentment eased, and happy times were once again. Our walk with God and love for each other grew stronger and fuller than at any other time in our lives.

It wasn’t long before our new found love and happiness was to be tested again. A year later, my husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness. He was given 3-5 years to live. This disease, called ALS, will paralyze my husband a little more each day, causing him to be unable to walk, talk, eat and eventually breathe. There is no cure. There is no treatment.

I thought our marriage crisis had us in the deepest darkest valley there could be. But this is deeper and darker than I ever thought possible. I am so glad that this time, we aren’t walking on opposite sides of the valley.

This time, we are walking it hand in hand.

I love my husband more right now than I ever have. He never did chase me down and beg me home. He didn’t have to, because God did it for him.

All I had to do was say yes.

I am so glad I did.

Question: Has God ever asked you to be the first one to forgive? 

#SheSaidYesStephanie Glidden is a homeschooling mother of three and primary caregiver for her husband Scott. She writes at , a blog based on Psalm 23, where she shares her journey through her husband’s terminal illness.




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Urgent Prayer Need for the People of the DRC

{Very sensitive information below. Not appropriate for children}

May 2012 - Over 100 people of the Tembo communities in eastern DRC have been slaughtered... Killed with machetes, knives, or by being thrown alive into fire.

Rebels left over from the 1994 Rwandan genocide rape, kill, and pilage the people of the DRC at will. Not isolated incidents, but a recurring traumatic lifestyle in which the Tembo and other language groups are caught.



Most of the dead were women and children.


1. Pray. Please consider joining the Seed Company in prayer for the people of the DRC. Become a prayer partner and receive updated prayer needs and concerns.

2. Give. You can give directly to the Seed Company on behalf of the DRC, or you can purchase a PDF copy of From Mom's Failure to God's Grace: Stories of Raising Boys From the MOB Society Writers. 

Stories of Raising Boys From the MOB Society Writers

100% of the proceeds from this little book go to supporting the translation efforts of the Seed Company for the DRC. 

I urge you, as the fastest way to get money to this effort, to consider purchasing the book as a PDF download. For just $2.99, prayerfully consider buying a copy for yourself and all of your boy mom friends. Click the "buy now" button below to purchase your copies.

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In addition, and today only (6/27/12), all proceeds from PDF purchases of Warrior Prayers: Praying the Word for Boys in the Areas They Need it Most will go toward this translation effort.

Praying the Word for Boys in the Areas They Need it Most

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 Thank you so much for your help, and for defending those who can't defend themselves.

Saving Women Out of the Sex Trade {Kristi's Story #SheSaidYes}

{Today is week four of our #SheSaidYes series! Meet someone I look up to in ministry, my friend Kristi Griem (see her bio below), and be encouraged to say “yes” to God in your life too!}

What makes you mad?

What upsets you so much that you are still thinking about it long after the event? It might be what you are passionate about.

Joseph was passionate about injustice. Paul was passionate about the law. Esther was passionate on behalf of her people. Mary was passionate about caring for Jesus. What are you passionate about, that He is calling you to say YES to?


I realize now, my passion began early in life. Maybe yours did too! I was in grade school, in Central America and we were all at a school retreat. A friend of mind, who was smaller, but quicker in soccer than the rest of the boys, got a swirly. The injustice of it still burns inside me today.

Trafficking Women

Fast forward fifteen years: I started working for a ministry ( that markets and distributes hand made products worldwide. A few months in, we began to buy from a new group, Freeset ( They employed women out of the sex trade to make tote bags.


The women were employed in freedom, instead of the sex trade that they had been tricked, trapped, or coerced to work in. I followed everything they did, prayed extensively as they hired more women in freedom, bought a 'new to them' building, moved in, and were able to accommodate even more women in freedom. My heart was weaving into freedom and value for women, in a way it had not before.

Then, in 2009, my husband (a missions minister) went to several cities and ministries on a vision trip, one of them being Freeset, in Calcutta. He came back wrecked. He held our infant daughter in his arms until she fell asleep every night. God had broken his heart for those who had no voice. Months later, when he could talk about it, he said "I saw the women...the girls...and your passion. You need to go visit."

She Said Yes

In 2010, I said YES to God, and nervously left my (then 1 and 3 year old) children for ten days and walked the streets of Calcutta. I walked the line (prostitution line) and saw women, girls, children....but I also saw Hope. I saw Hope in the eyes of the Freeset girls who were not in line. I saw Him in Mena, as she shared with girls what Hope is and how freedom can change you life. I saw Jesus walk those streets, for the least of these.

When you say YES to God, that is what you are a part of; seeing Him and seeing Hope.

Even when it seems there is no hope.

It is not all yellow brick, it is not all tulips, but it IS all God. Unmistakably Him. "He who, began a good work in you, is faithful and just to complete it."

A year ago, I left my full time, secure job, to work with Freeset. To help them grow here in the US, so that the 10,000 women trapped in human trafficking can be 10,000 free women-no longer the product, but making products.

It has been a wild, wonderful adventure. One that I would not trade for anything. I pray that the legacy I leave for my children and grandchildren is one of obedience. That their momma said 'YES' to God. That their grandmomma said 'YES' to Him, that they might know His saving grace.

And I pray that for you.

That you would have the courage to say YES to Him, even when you don't know what that will look like tomorrow. May you live in the freedom that obedience brings and the love that He is already offering, even now, for the creation He has made in YOU.

Want to enter to win the lovely Farmhouse Bag in the photo above? Just comment with an answer to this question:

What is God asking you to say "yes" to today? (The size of the yes doesn't matter, just say it!)


#SheSaidYesKristi is passionate about freedom: for women and children from injustice, freedom from prostitution/sextrafficking (today's modern day form of slavery), and poverty.

She has worked in the fair trade industry for ten years as a buyer and distributor, sprinkled in with somemarketing. Kristi believes all people have the right to a job with dignity to produce products and not be the product. She currently helps and consults with artisan/producer groups who are looking to broaden their market in the US. Check out her eBook, Sustainability.

Kristi serves as President for Freeset USA (, assisting Freeset ( in helping free more women from human trafficking. Join her( Fridays to learn more about fair trade, what it is, and why it matters.

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P.S. My amazing friend (who always thinks she's fresh out of amazing, but actually oozes it) Stacey Thacker is launching a brand new eBook today called What God Wants You to Know. You can get it FREE by subscribing to her newsletter, and I know you don't want to miss it.