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Thanks for heading over to learn more about the Praying for Boys Companion Guide! The FREE giveaway associated with my Proverbs 31 Ministries devo was for yesterday only (3/18/14), and is now over.

But there's good news!

You can still get a copy of the Companion Guide for your Kindle (or Kindle app) for just $1.99! And if you're a mom who struggles with feeling like her son is her enemy, I would love to invite you to sign up for my newsletter so we can keep in touch. I'll be sharing more encouragement about this issue over the next few months!

Welcome to my online home! If you're a boy mom, like me, be sure to check out your online home for all things boy, the MOB Society! 
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winner of the Red Letter Words art piece (& a favor)

The winner of February's Red Letter Words art piece (for participating in this community by leaving a comment) is Amy! Check your email, friend!

While we're here, would you do me a little favor?

This book of my heart has been out and available for purchase for right at two months now, which means some of you have read it and had time to pray through it.

If that's you, would you take a moment to tell me how God has used Praying for Boys to work in your heart, or that of your son?

You can leave a comment here, or email me at, whatever suits you best. Leaving your testimony gives me permission to quote all or some of it in promotional material. Please tell me if you'd like your comment kept anonymous, otherwise, I'll use your first name.

Thank you!

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When Prayer is a Fight

Sometimes I have to fight to pray. I know that seems crazy, but it's true. When life gets noisy (like it has been for the last several months) I have to fight for my time in communication with the Father. I'm always tempted to let it be the first thing to go, when really, it should be the last thing I cling to.

I'm over at Million Praying Women today sharing why, even when life gets hectic, prayer is worth fighting for.

And make sure to come back tomorrow. I'm announcing something fun!

A New Space for Prayer

I know prayer is important, but I'm not sure I always understand why, or how it works. Much of prayer remains a mystery to me, even though I've written a book about it. Maybe it always will be... But I know it's important. I know it matters. And I know God hears the prayers of his people. That's why I've partnered with Lara Williams, of To Overflowing, to bring you a new space for praying women. One million praying women, to be exact.Encouraging women in ever-deepening communication with their MakerThe mission of Million Praying Women (MPW) is to encourage women in ever-deepening communication with their Maker. 

Not a mom? Not a problem. This site is for all praying women—those who already pray, and those who want to...those who already have a intimate relationship with God, and those who want theirs to be more than it is.

We've prayerfully brought together an amazing team of writers who come from all walks of the female life—young mothers, older mothers, grandmothers, married with no children (and hopefully soon, a single Christian woman—we're still team-building!)

If you want to be a part of this amazing movement of God—this powerful chance at revival in our time—head over to the MPW site now and get involved. Commit to being a part of what's doing in the hearts of women as they get on their knees in prayer.

(Today is the official MPW launch day, and there are a slew of prizes to be won. Head on over now!)