Here's where I am...

It's been a while... And I just wanted you to know that I'm still here. I've been working hard to hear from the Lord recently, asking Him to be so very clear in the path He has for me. He's been faithful, and I've been taking notes like a crazy woman!

In addition, my family is gearing up for a run of speaking engagements over the summer, and there's a remote possibility that my husband might be speaking with me at one of them. We'll be sharing about how to fight for those hard-to-handle boys, and we've been asking the Lord what, if anything, he should contribute to the session. He's an Appalachian-style storyteller, you guys, and while he's confident among friends, he's a bit hesitant to share his gift publicly. So we'll see. But let's just say that if he comes out of the background, I may lose my job!

I've been honing some messages the Lord has on my heart for these sessions, asking Him exactly what to share with those of you who will be there, and to minister the truth of His Word to me, too. Cause I'm still a mom in the trenches, who needs to #ChooseHope as much as the next mom. So I'm here, fighting alongside you, pressing into the Lord for hope and watching Him fulfill my prayer for 2014 in incredible ways.

If you're interested in where I'm speaking this year, there's a fun schedule in the right sidebar. Just scroll down a bit and you'll see it. Hope to see you there!