Help Your Boys Fight Temptation with the Word of God


You know those conversations you have in your home over and over again with your children? They address some aspect of character that is sadly lacking in their hearts at the time, and tend to leave you feeling like you’re beating your head against the wall? We have them too. 

Most of the time they involve an effort to help the boys see the benefits of making wise, godly choices over foolish sinful ones. I talk about this concept briefly in Praying for Boysbut I've heard several of you mention that you'd like more help in teaching your sons to be wise men.

It's one thing to tell them they need to make wise choices. It's something totally different to teach them how. <<--- Tweet That!

It. Is. Written.

Because this is something we're dealing with in our own lives, I created a resource for my boys to help them choose God's way over their own. I printed it out, and hung it in their room as a visual reminder that they have the power to choose.

Then I thought to myself, "Self...maybe there are some other boy moms out there who would love to have something like this for their boys." And because I knew I was right (there I go talking to myself again) I pulled it together into a small resource that helps our sons learn to fight.

It's called It is Written: Help Your Boys Fight Temptation with the Word of God. 

A power-packed resource from Brooke McGlothlin, co-founder of the MOB Society and author of Praying for Boys: Asking God for the Things They Need Most.

In this short resource, you'll find:

  • A deeper understanding of who the enemy is, and how we can best help our sons fight him.
  • An easy-to-use explanation of temptation that kids will understand.
  • Some hints to help you apply the concept of fighting temptation to your parenting without getting legalistic.
  • A printable outlining ten common temptations and their biblical counterpart, with room for you to add in other key verses you find along the way (thanks to Small Bird Studios for the beautiful design).

How to Get Your Copy

There are two ways!

Way #1

It is Written will officially go on sale tomorrow (2/5/14) for MOB Society newsletter subscribers at an intro price of just $.99! This is the best price you'll ever see for this resource! If you're already a subscriber, you'll receive a special email with a discount code on Wednesday. The intro price will end at 9PM EST on 2/6/14, and is only available for MOB Society newsletter subscribers.

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Way #2

For everyone else (non MOB Society newsletter subscribers), It is Written will be available for $1.99 starting 2/6/14. You can come back here to grab your copy!

So to Recap...

You can get your PDF copy of It is Written tomorrow for just $.99 by subscribing to the MOB Society newsletter (if you're already subscribed, you don't need to do anything else), OR you can just wait until Thursday and grab it here for $1.99.