Five Ways to Respond Well When Life Doesn't Go As Planned

No one really likes to be sucker-punched by life. Even the good surprises can leave us wishing we’d had time to prepare, but if we choose to look at those surprises through a slightly different lens, believing that God is in even the worst of what life can bring, we’ll come out a little better off on the other side.

Your Response Matters to God

Have you ever been totally surprised by life? I mean knocked down, bowled over, totally out of left-field surprised by life?

If you haven't yet, just give it time.

Surprise might come in the form of something good, like a new job, a new love, an unexpected pregnancy, or a prodigal child returned home. It might also come in the form of something bad, like being looked over for a promotion, the loss of a loved one, the terrible twos, or a child whose heart seems far from God.

In the last several years I’ve experienced several of these surprises, some from the good category and some from the bad. I bet you have, too. Think back with me over the last year of your life and try to remember some of the things that have happened to you and your family. Then try to remember how you responded to them.

Was your response pretty? Or pretty ugly?

That's the topic of my newish little resource, Surprised by Life: Five Ways to Respond Well When Life Doesn't Go As Planned.

Five Ways to Respond Well When Life Doesn't Go as Planned (a free resource from Brooke McGlothlin)

I say "newish" because I actually released this resource several years ago. As I looked at my branding, got a new site design, and released my first traditionally published book (which is STILL $1.99 on Amazon), I decided it deserved some time and attention.

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