Yesterday was a mess, but there's hope for tomorrow

Yesterday was a mess. It was one of those days when I really would've liked to throw in the towel on motherhood, turn in my pink slip, or let the boss know I was done.

I find that there are a lot of those days in this season of my mothering, and that most of the time I just have to find a way to keep putting one foot in front of the other, remembering that growing godly kids takes time.

But a few years ago, I grew tired of just surviving my days, and started investigating how a weary mom can find strength for this task on an ongoing basis. I wanted (was desperate for) something I could turn to that would provide relief every time, exactly when I needed it most. So I looked to the Bible for wisdom, and found it.

I'm sharing at The Better Mom today about how a non-crafty mom, a Thanksgiving Tree, and a total holiday flop led me to a place of hope that has radically changed my mothering. I hope you'll join me over there!

I also told you yesterday that I would be sharing a fun announcement today on the blog. I've been trying to think of ways to make this blog a blessing to you, and make it a safe, fun place to share your heart. My friend Dee, from Red Letter Words, and I talked it over, and decided that we wanted to work together to reward people who take the time to comment on my blog. Here's the scoop:

Red Letter Words Comments Graphic

So starting today, when you leave a comment on this blog, you'll be entered into a monthly drawing from Red Letter Words for a beautiful 5x5 print from Dee's collection (one winner each month)! We're so excited to be able to bless you this way. Dee's art is nothing short of inspiring, and the pieces I have remind me daily of God's love for me. I know they'll do the same for you!

And finally, could I beg your prayers, friends? The last month has kicked my tail. I'm sure I'll have hilarious stories to tell as a result, but right now, things don't feel that funny—just chaotic. My husband's ACL surgery has knocked us for a loop, and while he's getting better every day, it's put a stress on our family that was more than we bargained for.

The good news is that our amazing local community has surrounded us well. We're being loved on, and we're so grateful for the gifts they've given. But if you have a moment to leave a prayer in the comments for us, I promise to soak in each and every one.

In addition to his surgery, the new Hope for the Weary Mom manuscript is due March 1. I need prayers for words to fall like manna from heaven. And I need prayers that I can hold everything together for my family without losing it in the process. My husband has given so much for me over the last year. I want to use this time to serve him well AND meet my deadlines AND continue to fight for my boys.