Prayer and Parenting Boys (today's the day, friends!)

Sometimes, we just have to take God at His Word. Like when He tells us He's the one to trust with our children's lives, and then asks us to partner with Him in raising them.

He never gives us a formula—no a + b = perfect kids every time—but He does give us some pointers. Like...

  1. Talking about Him and the miracles He's accomplished in our lives day and night (Deut 6:7)...
  2. Loving Him with all of our heart, and soul, and mind, and strength (Deut 6:5) so they'll be born into love and joyful obedience...
  3. Praying. So that our hearts are so intimately connected with His that we can move when He says move, and stop when He says stop...


It's an act of obedience we often misunderstand—a great mystery that fuels our walk with Christ and gives us strength to keep going, keep hoping, keep begging for those we love most.

I've found it to be my parenting lifeline—the one thing I simply can't do without—as precious as the air I breathe.

I would go so far as to say that I can't be a mom if I can't pray. I need Jesus to be an active, living, breathing part of my mothering like I need food to eat. Prayer is the one thing no one can ever take from me because it connects my heart to the One who never changes, but who bends down to listen to a wretched sinner like me (Psalm 116:2).

So I wrote about prayer and parenting boys. And it releases today.

Praying for Boys releases today

Sometimes, we just have to take God at His Word, and trust Him when He says, "share what I've taught you, and don't worry about the results." And then we get to watch Him bring people around us who simply blow our minds with the way they champion and give and love and support. People like:

  • My boys. Nuff said.
  • My hubby. There is no way in the world I could've done any of this without you. You're my heart. Thank you.
  • My MOB Society team of writers. I just love you guys.
  • My launch team. You've been so encouraging. Thank you!
  • Erin Mohring. I can't think of anyone I'd rather do this boymom thing with than you. Thanks for the enormous amount of grace you give me.
  • Stacey Thacker. You told me I needed to step into the role God called me to without fear. I needed to hear that. Love to you sweet friend.
  • Karen Ehman. You are an amazing, powerful woman of God. Working with you has been a gift.
  • Lysa TerKeurst. You just keep blessing me, and making me thank God for the way He directs lives. No words.
  • Lindsey Hartz. You were an answer to my prayers. Thanks for saying "yes" when God asked you to come alongside me.
  • Heather McFadyen. Your last-minute "yes" was like music to my ears. Thanks for going the extra mile to bless me.
  • Megan Spires. You're a gift! Thanks for being someone I can trust with my baby.
  • Sally Clarkson. You're a blessing to mothers everywhere. So thankful for the gift of your time and wisdom.
  • Renee Swope. It's like you're just itching to be a blessing...and you are. Thank you (and go Hokies!)

And many others I'm grateful for, but will forget because my mind is a total blur. Thank you. (And go buy the book! Win some things at the MOB Society today while you're at it!)