how to give the best Christmas gift to your boys

I'm convinced that one of the very best gifts a mama can give her sons (or daughters) are her consistent, loving, faith-filled prayers. This Christmas, just before the craziness swings into full force, I'm offering a free, 5-day challenge called Covering them from Head to Toe. It's based on Ephesians 6:10-17, and is full of the rich symbolism of the Armor of God. It's an amazing place in scripture to dwell when our minds are already on the gift of God's Son.

Join other mothers of boys as we cover our sons in prayer from head to toe. A challenge based on Ephesians 6, rich with the symbolism of the armor of God.

Because when He came, He not only gave us the gift of forgiveness, but also the means to stand in this world while we're still in it—another significant gift.

So we'll do the impossible: kneel down to stand. Get into the Word so that it gets into us, and gives us the power to stand in the gap for our sons...for ourselves.

Together, we’ll learn to put on the armor of God for ourselves and our sons in prayer as we explore praying for our boys from head to toe. In the process, we might even realize just how valuable and powerful we are as praying moms.

Join me?

You'll find a lot more details and sign-up instructions over at the MOB Society blog today, so hop on over. You might even find a big shindig waiting for you there, with fun prizes and an ocean of other boy moms down on their knees with you!

P.S. that photo up there? It's me and my oldest son. I hope it conveys to you that praying for our boys happens the best when it happens as a part of our everyday, ordinary lives. Thanks so much to Sarah Mae for the inspiration for it!