For those who didn't get their free ebook...

Some of you have emailed or left comments here indicating that you signed up for the MOB Society newsletter, but for some reason didn't get your free copy of How to Control Your Emotions, So They Don't Control You the day we offered it for free. I'm so sorry. There are glitches to every system, including the people behind them. Everywhere but here, I clearly indicated that the giveaway ended at midnight EST. Not stating it clearly here was an oversight on my part and I apologize. Again, it was stated over and over again everywhere else but here.

But I didn't state it here. So I want to make it right.

If you signed up for the MOB Society newsletter the day we gave the book away for free, please send me an email to indicating that you're still waiting. I will personally check to find your name among those who signed up that day and send you your free book.

I must be able to confirm that you signed up, but when I do, the book is yours. Please watch your email. This offer is good through midnight tonight (10/11/13). If I don't hear from you before then, the offer will be closed. (I'm so sorry to do that, but I'm only one person! I know you other mamas out there understand, right?)

Serving Together!

author, Brooke McGlothlin