How to Be OK When You're Not

There have been many times over the last several years when I wasn't OK. I've experienced challenges, loss, and frustrations in ministry. I've wanted things I couldn't have, and wanted to be someone I'm not meant to be. I've argued with God over seemingly unanswered prayers, and struggled to be OK with where He has me in life, when my vision for my family and ministry look different than my reality.

My prayers have often been, "Lord, are You SURE this is where You want me?" instead of the "Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to Your word..." (Luke 2:38) I would like them to be.

We've all been there at one point or another, and the funny thing is that most of the time, when I'm OK in one area of my life, another rises up to take it's place. It's rare that we're all the way OK, all of the time.

But there is help.

Being OK with where we are is a choice the Believer makes. We trust in a God we can't see with our eyes, and know in our hearts He's leading us for a purpose that's bigger than our tiny hopes and dreams can fathom. And that makes it OK.

Being OK With Where You Are

My lovely, grace-filled friend, Stacey Thacker, is releasing a brand new book today on this very topic. Women all over the world are not OK with where they are. For a myriad of reasons, and in any number of different circumstances, they find their heart asking God, "Why?"

  • Why aren't You moving in this situation?
  • Why aren't You changing his heart?
  • Why don't You give me my dreams, Lord?
  • Why did You take this/him away?
  • How could You let this happen?

a new book by Stacey Thacker, co-author of Hope for the Weary Mom: Where God Meets You in Your Mess

Here's what I had to say about it when I first read my copy:

"At the heart of our difficulties with being OK with where we are is this question: "If God never answered another prayer for us, would the knowledge of His gift of salvation be enough to convince us of His love and give us faith enough to trust Him no matter what?" It's a hard question to answer, but in her newest book, Being OK With Where You Are, Stacey Thacker masterfully teaches us the answer by comparing the heart issues we all deal with from time-to-time to real people of the Bible who struggled the same ways we do. And in the end, Stacey helps us see that being where we are is really the best place to be after all."

You can grab your copy of Being OK with Where You Are exclusively on Amazon today for just $3.99, and I encourage you to go ahead and grab it today or tomorrow because for the first 48 hours of it's release, she's donating $1 of every sale to one of my very favorite ministries, Freeset Global. 

Freeset is an amazing company in the business of providing freedom to women drawn out of trafficking lifestyles in India, a very worthy place to give your hard-earned dollar. So please go grab your copy of Being OK with Where You Are RIGHT NOW and take a step toward wholeness and freedom—for both you and a woman in India who needs the hope only Jesus can bring.

Go grab it!