10 Reasons Why You Should Buy My New Book

Here are 10 reasons why you really should buy my new book, How to Control Your Emotions So They Don't Control You (a mom's guide to overcoming) in no particular order: a mom's guide to overcoming

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1. You blew up at your kids yesterday and hated the way it felt.

2. You can look back over your life and see clear examples of how your uncontrolled emotions have affected relationships negatively.

3. When you do, and you email me your receipt to emotionsebook@gmail.com, you'll be entered to win this AMAZING art piece from Red Letter Words (giveaway ends 9/19/13 at 9PM EST).

Enter to win this beautiful art piece from Red Letter Words when you purchase a copy of the new How to Control Your Emotions So They Don't Control You ebook by Brooke McGlothlin!4. You like me, and you think it's pretty awesome that this book is only $3.99. Pretty much every mom can afford that!

5. You think I'm a cool boy mom (seriously, I am...sometimes).

6. You know God wants to work on you in this area.

7. You've been fighting this battle for a long time and need something to put you over the edge toward victory.

8. You read the title and immediately thought, "I'm not the only one who struggles with this?"

9. Your kids run and hide when they see your "emoto-meter" start to rise ("Run! Mama's gonna blow!").

10. You really want a copy of the FREE 25 Scriptures to Help Fight off the Lies printable that you can only get when you buy and read the book (the link is tucked in there).

Bonus: You like my dogs and want to help me continue to buy them dog food.

Pick a number! Any number!

And then grab the book ;)

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Here's a fun link-up of what others are saying about the book. If you decide to review it, come link up your post too!