If You Want to Change the World with Your Message

So many of us have messages burning holes in our hearts...just demanding an entrance into the world. We want to share the truth! We want to right wrongs! We want to call out those who are misleading the masses and demand something better for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are out there looking for someone to lead them. And what better time to scream it out than during this blogging age, where all it takes is a computer and the "publish" button?

Oh, but we must be careful. 

Because we're a people prone to being governed (or at the very least, influenced) by our emotions, we'll never be able to turn over the tables of modern day temples without the influence of our own self-righteousness.

So I ask you friends, to consider this:

If you want to change the world, follow your passions first (and maybe only) in the piece of the world right around you.

  • Whisper words of the truth He's shown you to your children's hearts so they'll know it and love it.
  • Plant seeds of the truth as you minister to your neighbors, holding their hands as you pray for them, gaining their hearts as you serve them.
  • Stand up for the truth as you wash the feet of those who don't know it in your women's group.

Speak the truth with your life. Change the world around you by first looking right beside you.

Change the world around you by first looking right beside you.

Speak the truth if you must, but do it in love. 

And friend, this online platform can often make us feel like we have to say whatever's on our mind. "People NEED to know!" we tell ourselves, when the truth is that God's people NEED to pray. And serve. And love.

Mostly love. 

Your influence is greater in your own backyard.

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