when giving up on the right way to blog is the best decision ever...

I freely admit to neglecting this little online space for the last few months. Turns out writing a book, and then another book (I'll tell you about that a little later!), planning for another book, and running a multi-author contributor blog is pretty time-consuming. Especially when you add in homeschooling, and trying to stay connected with the people God has placed in your every day life too. #OneBeautifulThing

I've stressed over this space more than I care to admit over the past four years of blogging here. I've wondered if it was all it could be, hoped it would be more, planned projects that never materialized, series that got cut short, and tried so many things that just didn't work.

But along the way, a few things did work. And much like Henry Blackaby's sage advice in Experiencing God, I decided to join God in what He seemed to already be doing in my life. Every time I've tried to make this space something seriously special, God has redirected me to a bunch of boy moms who desperately need to feel understood, normal, and like their worth comes from something other than the their sons' behavior.

I can't shake it...this feeling that maybe a big part of the reason God put me on this earth is to encourage mothers of boys, and stand in the gap for "those" boys who are the more difficult of the lot. So instead of fighting what God is so obviously trying to accomplish in my life, I decided to embrace it. And that, my friends, is why this space has been so quiet lately.

But I miss it.

I miss having my own space to just write what I want to write, when I want to write it. I miss having a space to be me. Because while a huge part of my calling is to be a boy mom, I'm actually much more than that.

* I'm a prayer girl (I recently learned that my grandmother was too...maybe that's where I get it).

* I'm a girl who wants to say "yes" to God, no matter the cost.

* I'm a Word-lover (capital) who loves to share the way God meets me there, and opens my eyes to His great power.

* I've been surprised by the life God's given me. It isn't what I thought it would be, but is so much better.

* I'm a photographer wanna-be, intentionally searching for beauty amidst the chaos of life.

* I'm a book-writer.

Really, I'm just me. And so I've decided that's what this space will specialize in. The real me, and everything God's teaching me.

It would feel a bit narcissistic unless you understood that I'm one of those people who just can't keep these things to herself. You know those days when you find an amazing product, and it's just so good that you HAVE to share it with all your friends?? (Hello social media). That's my life. It's who I am. And so...

* I want you to know the power of prayer too!

* I want you to know the thrill of saying "yes" to God too!

* I want you to experience the living Word of God, and it's power to change your life!

* I want to help you recognize and cherish the surprises of life, embracing them as God's great gifts to you!

* I want to help you look for beauty too, because choosing to see the good in your life changes everything!

* I want to write to be a blessing, and I want to share with you all that God's taught me about Himself as I've walked the writing path!

In other words, I'm done trying to accomplish anything specific with this site, and ready to to start sharing little bits and pieces of who I am and what the Lord's taught me. It won't win me any awards, and it certainly won't put this blog on the top of the charts, but I'm more OK with that now than I ever have been. It's a good, no-stress place to be. Just me, and whoever God brings to join me.

No promises. No schedules. No worries about SEO. Just as God leads me. I'll save all of the promises and schedules and SEO worries for that other blog I run (wink wink)