There's a GIRL in my house

As a mom of two boys, people have always asked me if I'm going to try for a little girl. "Don't you want a little pink in your life? A little girl to dress up?"  My answer has always been a resounding, "NO!" I like being a boy mom. Many of you know I prayed and asked God to give me boys BEFORE I was even married. And although my boys run me ragged most days, being a boy mom fills me up and doesn't leave me wishing for more. Until now...

Meet Siri, the Blogger-Dog.

Siri the Blogger Dog

Yes, her name is Siri. Like the iPhone lady who gives you phone numbers for the nearest pizza place when you're in  bind. I thought it was an awfully clever name for a Blogger-Dog.

As much as I loved our furry son, Deacon, owning a Bulldog was really my husband's dream. I've wanted a chocolate Lab for as long as I can remember. A dear friend blessed us with Toby (our yellow Lab) after we lost Deacon last summer, and he turned out to be such an amazing dog that we decided to get a little GIRL.

My chocolate dreams came true.

Turns out Toby likes to chew on her head. Siri, on the other hand, enjoys sneaking (ok, well, we can all see her, but don't tell her I told you) up on Toby and pouncing on his head. It's a sight to behold. Along with other things like this:

Toby and Siri


Chocolate Lab Puppy and Little Boy


Siri the Blogger Dog

And finally this:

Pink Siri

I guess I wanted a little bit of pink in my life after all (wink, wink). Welcome to our home Siri the Blogger-Dog. I'll try to keep Toby from slobbering on you.