when you're tempted to despair


Last Thanksgiving I prepared a day of wonderful education and hands-on experience for my boys. As a homeschooling family, we're always looking for ways to make the calendar come alive, and it had occurred to me that my boys, then six and four, had never really learned the story of Thanksgiving.

I decided it was time for that to change.

I spent hours at my local bookstore picking out just the right books to communicate the message of Thanksgiving I wanted them to remember. I scoured the internet looking for an audio book of the story of Squanto the Indian because my oldest loves learning about Native Americans. I painstakingly cut a Thanksgiving Tree from brown craft paper, and decorated its branches with colored leaves made from outlines of my precious sons' hands, each one marked with something they were thankful for that day.


It was shaping up to be a wonderful success...except that it wasn't.


I'm guest posting today at Sheila Gregoire's blog, To Love, Honor, And Vacuum, about a weary mom moment, and what to do when we're tempted to despair. Don't miss it! (Their might be a giveaway involved).