crazy things to know about the NEW Hope for the Weary Mom release!


Oh yes. It's crazy.



(Like this photo, right? Crazy awesome? I took it while my family and I had some R & R at the beach last week)

You might've heard that Stacey and I are giving away a brand new Kindle Fire HD to celebrate the launch of the new, expanded edition of Hope for the Weary Mom (which, by the way, is TOMORROW!)

All day long on October 23, 2012 you'll be able to enter to win the Kindle Fire HD (and the rest of the launch day giveaway package) by spreading the word about something crazy exciting (revealed tomorrow) via social media. To find out how you can go ahead and get started entering for all these amazing giveaways, head over to the Hope site. But don't leave yet!

Stacey and I just added another giveaway to the mix, and we think it's the best one yet!

Starting today, you can enter to win a one-hour mentoring/prayer session with us!

Hope for the Weary Mom

Friends, it's the very best of the giveaways not because you could win some time with us, but because we get to win some time with you. YOU are the reason Stacey and I wrote Hope for the Weary Mom. We are weary moms and we get where you are.  So believe me when I say that it's a gift to us to be able to pour into you, pray for you, and encourage you.

So now head on over to the Hope site and find out how you can enter to win. And don't forget to tune back in tomorrow as we reveal our H.U.G.E launch day secret! Please don't miss it? It's our heart laid out just for you, just to give you hope.