an #Allume meet-up to discuss Facebook page changes

{UPDATE: I know there are A LOT of us who are struggling with this issue right now. So I've been asked to cap the meet-up at 50. I've added a linky below that will serve as our sign-up form for the meeting. Please link up to your blog about page (or something like it). First come, first serve. Thanks friends!}

It's been the talk of the blogosphere for a while now. Facebook has changed nearly everything about the Facebook pages we've worked hard to build and have grown to love and depend on for traffic to our blogs.

Dealing with Facebook page issues

We've all see our Facebook stats go way down. Even big bloggers have complained about the fact that not even half of their fans actually see what they post anymore. Some bloggers have shut down their pages altogether in frustration.

Both of the MOB Society Facebook pages (at over 18,000 strong together) have a history of fun, dynamic community. And we've worked our tails off to get it that way. Now, because of Facebook algorithms we have no control over, the only way to ensure that our hard-earned fans see the things we post is to pay for it.

If Facebook had started out requiring us to pay for a spot in our fans' streams it might be different. But they didn't. And now tons of Facebook business users are struggling to find a way to deal with this loss of valuable traffic to their blogs.

I don't have all the answers. Neither does my friend Amanda. But we're talking about it, and we know that a lot of you are wondering what in the world to do too.

An Allume Meet-Up

So we decided to host a meet-up at the upcoming Allume Social Conference. We really hope it will be this amazing brainstorming/informational meet-up where some organic goodness emerges and we all leave with a better idea of how to handle Facebook...even if it means we let it go.

If you're at all confused about what to do with your page, or if you've considered opening a page for your blog but now aren't sure, this is the BEST place for you to get some answers. Allume promises to be one of the greatest meeting of the Christian blogging, so we're hoping everyone who has been touched in some way by it will come and contribute to the conversation.

We'll meet up on Friday (the 26th) at 1 PM (right after lunch) in the Lounge.

No prizes, no fancy stuff, just business amongst friends. Hope to see you there.

Sign-up below.