10 Things My #Allume Roomie Needs To Know About Me

Allume is just around the corner! I'm a third year attendee of what used to be the Relevant Conference (now Allume Social), and each year the Lord has taught me something deep. I'm expecting nothing less this year.

Other blogging conferences have filled me with incredibly useful business information, inspiration for writing, and helped me connect with people outside of my realm of influence. Allume has done all of these things AND encouraged me to take a deep look at myself and the way I use my realm of influence.

I'm ready!

For the past three years I've hosted this fun link-up designed to help roomies get to know each other better. I started it because the first year I went, I had never even met my roomie! This year, I'm rooming with someone I already feel I know pretty well. I mean we've only written a book together, flown to awesome Austin, Texas to speak together, shared a birthday cake together (and possibly tons of un-birthday ice cream), and prayed sweet prayers together. I should know her, right?

Stacey Thacker introduced me to the meaning of "girl noise" (totally different from "boy noise" let me tell you), and has been a source of...ahem...older, wise counsel for this...ahem...young whipper snapper. I'm thrilled to be spending the weekend with her.

Hope for the Weary Mom

So without further ado...

Here's how it works:

Write a blog post of your own listing 10 things your Allume roomie should know about you, and link it up here anytime before the beginning of the conference (you can link-up at Stacey's blog too!)  Make your list fun!  Make it you!  Tell us who you are beyond your blog!  And be sure to include a link to your Twitter name too so that we can all find each other.

How. Fun. Is. That?!

Here's MY list!

1. I love dark chocolate. And coffee. And dark chocolate. And 70s music. On this blog, I write about helping women say "yes" to God, no matter the cost. I also lead a small but growing photography link-up called One Beautiful Thing.

2. I'm a raging introvert and get way overstimulated in large groups of people...so if you can't find me I'm probably hiding to refill my "alone time" tank.

3. I'm from the country and I like it that way. I was raised on country music...and every once in a while I need some time with Alabama and Trisha Yearwood.

4. I've been in love with my husband since the 3rd grade. That's right. When he sold his school picture to me for $.50 it was a done deal.

5. Stacey and I are getting ready to release our first full-sized book, Hope for the Weary Mom: Where God Meets You in Your Mess on October 23rd. It's gonna be a crazy day culminating in someone winning a new Kindle Fire HD! Be there or be square I tell you.

6. I only snore during allergy season...which is now. (Sorry Stacey...bring your cotton girlfriend!)

7. I've written several eBooks. One is the best-selling Warrior Prayers:Praying the Word for Boys in the Areas They Need it Most, and the other is a labor of love called Notes to Aspiring Writers: Your Dream, God's Plan. I love them both so much.

8. I'm a die-hard Virginia Tech Hokies fan...I don't leave em when they're down (like this season...ahem...) and tend to cause major disturbances in my living room (or car, or any public place) when a game is on.

9. I'll be working with the Seed Company again this year to bring you the Prayer Room at Allume (hey, that rhymes). It's set up to be a safe refuge where you can go for prayer or just to be alone with your thoughts during the conference. Please plan to stop by.

10. I homeschool our two little boys ages 7 and 5.  They are my greatest joy and my greatest challenge.  I write about them a lot as a Co-Founder of the M.O.B Society, and offer up a Warrior Prayer for the Day on my Warrior Prayers Facebook page.

BONUS: You can find me on Twitter and Facebook.  I love hanging out in both places!