new beginnings {#OneBeautifulThing}

Everything's back on schedule, school has started, the new puppy is beginning Obedience 101, new shoes have been purchased (see below), and Stacey and I finished writing the first draft of a 30,000 word book. 

A book I tell you.

A real book it will be.

One you can hold in your hands.

And underline.

And dog-ear (if you do that sort of thing).

And hand to a friend who needs hope.

I'll have a photo of the new cover to show you soon (oh, it's going to be beautiful!)

God is doing some amazing things in my life friends. Things I've only dreamed of, but couldn't handle until now. Well, at least things my heart wasn't ready for until now...I'm still pretty sure I can't handle any of it without God getting in the mess with me.

I'll have some reports and stories to share soon, but for now, I'm reminded of how much little things, like the fact that our boys always want to have the same kind of shoes, well...those things are still more than enough for me.



They're my One Beautiful Thing this week friends, what's yours?


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