Hey Christian Bloggers...Can I Tell You Something?

You're doing a GOOD thing.


Some of my favorite blogger people.

I sat around a table last weekend with some of the most amazing women bloggers I know, and had the opportunity to listen to each of them share their passions for their blogs and the women who read them. Some of them fought back tears as they described the goals of their blogs, all of them spoke with a determined passion about reaching the hearts of women.

And it occurred to me that Christian bloggers are doing something very good. But I'm not sure we know it.

I read a post from another blogger today that said this:

"So, why did I stop [blogging]? It's pretty clear to me. I was horribly, fatally, undeniably...discouraged. Why blog? I'm a nobody. With no clear passion. Without a book deal. Without a website. Without advertisements. Without, without, without. "I am completely foolish and no one cares about what I have to say."

I hate to admit it, but her words sound all too familiar. I bet they do to you too, or at least have at some point in your blogging career.

Busy, busy lives

I'm a homeschool mom, and wife to a man who works shift-work. All morning long, and into the afternoon, I pour my heart out over two little boys to try to give them the best education I can. And I know it's no different for moms who don't homeschool. You work your tail off so that your children, your family can have the best.

My life is busy. And 99.9% of the women I know would say the same thing about their own lives. But in the midst of that busyness, there's still this deep longing in my heart, a calling if you will, to minister to women. I accepted the call when I was just 20 years old—to go wherever God lead me and minister His love to women who needed to know about the abundant life that can be found in saying "yes" to God. And even though I don't work outside my home, spend most of my time correcting, teaching, or big squishy hugging little boys, that call is still there.

Blogging—pouring out my words on a site dedicated to leading women one step closer to Christ, sharing my mess with a bunch of boy moms who need to know their crazy isn't crazier than mine—is the way I can fulfill my calling best during this season of my life.

Blogging is an honor

I heard Ann Voskamp say at the first Relevant Conference (now Allume Social) that Jesus Himself only had twelve disciples, and He lost one. It was all He needed to start a grace revolution. And if we're honest, it's all we need too.

I've walked through seasons of feeling like my blog wasn't big enough, cool enough, NOT enough. I even wrote a smallish eBook about letting go of my dreams to be a big writer, and picking up God's dreams for me instead. I don't want to diminish the feelings of hurt and failure that can plague us during these times, but if we'll just shift our focus a little to see behind the veil of fame and popularity I think we'll realize this:

When we worry about the size of our platform, we forget that having any type of platform at all is an honor. 

Is there one person who faithfully comments on your blog?

Have you gotten one email from someone telling you how blessed they were by what you wrote?

Has blogging publicly given you even one opportunity to pray for someone else?

If so, you've changed the life of one person. And the effects of that change will ripple down through countless other lives throughout time.

Reaching one person with a truth that changes their life gives you influence over hundreds of people across generations.

And that's nothing to sneeze at.

No matter how many people visit your blog each week (or how many don't) your blog can be a place that makes a difference in hundreds of lives.

You're doing a good thing.

What are you passionate about? Write it.

Who do you want to see blessed by the love of God? Write for them.

What cause lights you up? Write about it, and challenge people to get involved.

Be faithful to the message God put on your heart and then relax into HIS plan for it.

If you never reach more than one heart with your message, you've been part of a miracle. Because one heart changed is never really just one heart changed.