when you need to live a little {#OneBeautifulThing}

If there's anything I am NOT, it's spontaneous. 


But last weekend my boys convinced me to jump in the car and just go. It was a truly beautiful thing.

We stayed in a flea trap hotel so we could take the dog, and even though we seriously contemplated a quick trip out to buy our own sheets, we had a wonderful time. Toby was a champ, letting everyone we passed praise him and pet his pretty little self.

And on the way home, we stopped for a quick visit to our home town, let the boys play in the water we grew up swimming in, and watched our new dog dive in and make use of his awesome webbed feet.  That's something we were never able to do with Deacon. He sank. Had to have a special Bulldoggy life jacket. Toby's a natural, and I'll admit that while I still miss Deacon terribly, I love the things that are different about him.


I feel my heart breathing. And it's good.

These men...all four of them...they're my one beautiful thing this week friends. What's yours?


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