saying goodbye to our faithful friend {#OneBeautifulThing}

Today we said goodbye to our first son.

We took Deacon to the vet because he had been throwing up for three solid days and had become so weak that he could barely walk. The vet immediately said something was very wrong. And after x-rays and some blood work, he said he had a huge mass on his spleen, cancer, that was pressing hard against his tummy and making it impossible for him to eat.

Deacon had a long, good life, and at ten years old had outlived the lifespan of most Bulldogs. Surgery, at $2-3000 might only have prolonged his life a few months, if it worked at all. So we chose to usher him out of this world with his family holding him and telling him how much we loved him.


Deacon Flash McGlothlin was a faithful friend, and helped us get through so many of the tough times we've weathered just by being him. He will be missed more than we ever imagined possible.

It seems crazy to some to have loved a dog so much, but we did. We got him less than two months after we were married, and he just turned ten on June 19th 2012 (the same day our oldest son turned seven. They were birthday buddies).

He was there for everything we've experienced as a married couple. From waiting at home for us when we brought the boys home from the hospital, to licking our booboos, to snuggling close to me as I wept over our lost baby.

He wasn't just a dog. He was a friend. The best, and most faithful kind.

We'll miss you Deacon Brown.

You're my One Beautiful Thing.