learning natural light photography {#OneBeautifulThing}

My obsession with natural light photography continues...


There are so many classes on using natural light photography that I'd LOVE to take.

Unfortunately, they're all pretty expensive. 

So I've figured out that if you can't afford to take fancy-schmancey classes (even though you'd really LOVE to) the next best thing is to get outside, carry your camera with you everywhere you go, and take lots of photos until you figure it out.

This particular night, my friend Meggen (who always links up here...check her out friends, she's improving so much!) asked me to be the official photographer for her son's 5th birthday party.

What a fantastic idea!

If you're a photographer-in-training, or just trying to force yourself to make more photos, offer to be the photographer for a friend's event for free.

And if you're a busy mom (like me), ask your budding photographer friend to come take photos of your event for free (hello stress reducer??)!

It's a win-win!

Here are a couple of my favorites from the party. Again...they're not perfect, but I'm capturing memories AND improving my skills. The combination makes me so happy (and that's what this is about, right?). I took over 200 photos that night and came away with about 10 that I really liked.




I just adore the way the light bounces off of their hair in these photos.

So there's my simple formula for (eventual) photography success:

Take Camera Everywhere + Make LOTS of Photos = Figure it Out!

It's my one beautiful thing this week, friends. What's yours?

(and P.S. I'd LOVE to know about inexpensive natural light photography resources. Have any gems to share?)


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