how to say "yes" to God, part 2 {and some announcements}


Last week we started a new series on how to say "yes" to God. I promised a new post in that series today, and true to my word, you can find it hanging out at the Better Mom (one of my favorite sites for mamas on the web). If you missed the intro post, read How to Say "Yes" to God, part one.

You might also want to check out my new ongoing story about brave and honest women who chose to say “yes” to God no matter what the cost. I call it She Said Yes.  Make sure to check out Christin's story and Jennifer's story, and join me Friday for the next story in our series.

You photogs will want to make sure to link up in last week's One Beautiful Thing challenge so you can enter to win a seat in Kent Weakley's Night Photo eClass (winner announced Thursday!)

And finally, 7 Days of Hope starts today. If you're a weary mama who needs to connect with others like you for hope and healing, consider joining a group? I'm sure there's one that suits your needs and we would LOVE to have you with us! post at the Better Mom today might have something to do with this laundry heap here...that's all I'm saying.