blue hour at virginia tech {#OneBeautifulThing & a giveaway!}

I looked at the display of my first big-girl camera that cold, blustery evening on the campus of Virginia Tech, and my jaw dropped. It was blue hour, and I couldn't believe that my beginner photography skills had captured the beauty I saw on that screen. But there it was in all it's glory.


Blue Hour

It was the first photo I ever made that caused me to gasp out loud and say, "WOW!"

I'll never forget it.

It was the moment I fell in love with photography... and knowing that I could produce something that took my breath away gave me the motivation I needed to keep learning.

When I took this blue hour photo I was in the middle of a Night Photography eClass by Kent Weakley. If you don't know Kent, you should change that. He's a powerhouse of photography knowledge and skill, and I've never had a photo question he couldn't answer, or didn't know how to research. I owe a good deal of the meager amount of photography skill I have to him and his (incredibly affordable) eClasses, and I've never, EVER, experienced a photography teacher with the ability to be clear and concise the way he is.

He's directly responsible for making the exposure triangle click for me. 'Nuff said.

To celebrate our growing #OneBeautifulThing community, Kent has graciously allowed me the honor of giving away one FREE seat in his upcoming Night Photography eClass starting June 29, 2012 (so you can take a blue hour photo too!)


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