she's got the look {#OneBeautifulThing}

I don't know ya'll, but I'm pretty sure that dude (dude-ette?) is lookin right at me.


My husband and I went to the beach alone for a few days several years ago (I know, right??). Aside from getting so burnt the first day we were there that we couldn't even touch each other (true story), one of the highlights of our trip was watching a sweet blond-headed boy chase seagulls on the beach.

He was about the same age as our oldest son and had a slight lisp like our youngest. And apparently, somewhere in his educational pursuits someone had forgotten to explain to him that the birds he was chasing were called seagulls. He called them chickens...or, to be more correct...


For about an hour each afternoon, little blond-headed boy chased "schickens" screaming, "Get that schicken! Get that schicken!" It was a sight. The whole beach was delighted by his delight.

So you're wondering what seagulls and "schickens" have to do with this little lady? (I think it's a girl...but really, who's checking? I didn't grow up on a farm...I don't know these things).

Our neighbors have an ever-expanding farm-like backyard. And these birds (plus some very cocky turkeys) mozy their way over onto our property at least once a day (leaving nice little "gifts" if you know what I mean). On this particular day, I decided to try to chase this bird to get evidence, er...I mean, get a close-up.

The bird didn't like our little dance.

And the whole time I was chasing it, all I could thing of was that adorable little blonde-haired boy at the beach screaming, "Get that schicken! Get that schicken!"

I got the "schicken." It's my one beautiful thing this week friends. What's yours?


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