No more blogging formulas, ok?

Give up. Right now. Right this minute.

Just say no to blogging formulas for success.

just quit! A few tips for pressing in to what you're supposed to be doing, instead of doing what everyone else says you must.

Instead of striving for some formula that will make you a blogging/writing success, try these tips:

1. Be faithful to what God has called you to write...nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.

This requires that you actually spend time getting to know God's plan for your writing. I took three months off this year to pursue God's plan for my writing. It was worth every hit I took to the online stats to finally feel at peace with this space.

2. As you're faithfully writing/blogging what God calls you to, allow Him to bring you HIS dreams for your writing/blogging.

When I finally embraced God's vision for my life, finally realized that what I already had was more than enough for me, He started bringing me HIS dreams for my writing life. It took me three years of blogging to get my heart right. Three years of painful losing, hurtful comparing, and meaningless striving. I quit!

(I mean that in my best "take this job and shove it" voice).

I'm done friends. I'm throwing all of the "she said do this," and "I have to do this to succeed" right out my front door with my best obnoxious girlie throw. And I'm refusing to let them back into my home and my heart.

From now on, and with all of my heart, I only want what God wants for this space. I just want His dreams for me. He knows my heart and He knows yours. Trust His dreams for you friend...they're better than yours could ever be.

**This doesn't mean I don't listen to voices of wisdom, just that I'm committing to walk in the path God has chosen for me, not for everyone else. Go and do likewise.

3. Jeff Goins says it best. Declutter. Do what you do best. Just write. 

(For more on this subject go buy his book, You Are a Writer.) The best part about just writing is that I'm no longer obnoxiously tuned in to what everyone else is writing. I subscribe to a few (and I mean less than five) blogs, slashed the number of people I follow on Twitter to those I truly want to hear from, and unliked pages on Facebook that consistently make me feel disappointed with my own success. I hope and pray I didn't offend anyone in the process, that wasn't my heart or intention. But for my own sanity and the health of my heart and home, it had to be done.'s the kicker. The ONE THING you can do as a blogger to be successful  EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

4. Follow the life-giving rules for relationships that are found in the Bible. 

Treat others the way you want to be treated...

Consider others more important than yourself...


Be the last and not the first...

Place a guard over your mouth...

And so on.

Quit striving and do what's right. Follow God's leading for your writing and let go of expectations of grandeur.

Then you'll be a success.


I was inspired to write this when I read Tell Your Story on the Allume blog. I highly recommend that you head over and read it too.