A Review of Logos Bible Software {& a discount!}

I've been writing my whole life. In grad school, I used to lay on the floor of my apartment with a textbook on one side, and dictionary on the other. There was a huge difference between the reading level of my undergrad courses, and what I was sloshing through the first few weeks of my master's program. In the beginning, I had to stop reading my text nearly every paragraph just to look up words and try to make what I was reading make sense!

When I wrote papers (lo, there were many), I could often be found buried under reference books, research papers, magazines, and various translations of the Bible.

No more!


You may have heard me raving about Logos Bible Software on Twitter and Facebook for the last few months. I simply can't say enough about how much I love it. LOVE. IT. My only regret is that I didn't get it sooner. Seriously, do grad students even go to the library anymore when they need to research a paper?

Here's why I love it...

As a writer, it gives me all of the Bible study tools and resources I need to ensure biblically accurate writing for you here at Surprised By Life, and in all of my future books.

As a Christian woman who is deeply intrigued by theology, it provides me with depth, and the ability to get my questions answered quickly and reliably.

As a boy mom, it gives me fast access to material for my daily Warrior Prayers.

As a blogger, it gives me confidence when I hit "publish."

  • It's very user friendly and easy to navigate (important when you're a busy mom with only so much time to spend on the computer)
  • The graphics are beautiful (great for visual learners...I can see myself incorporating Logos Bible Software into our homeschooling in later years too. What an amazing tool!)
  • I have it on my Mac, my iPhone, and my iPad. So even when I'm on the go, I can be in the know. Of course it's available for PCs too.
  • There are tons of incredibly helpful tutorials on the Logos website. So anytime I have a question about how something works, I can go there to find answers.
  • Really, I could go on and on...

So in celebration of my new love for all things Logos, I'm thrilled to tell you that you can get your own Bible software for a 15% discount! When you check out, just use the code "BASE15" to get 15% off of any base package they offer! There's a software package to meet any need, so go check them out!

And one more thing?

Logos is behind the brand new Faithlife Women conference, coming to Dallas, Texas September 6-8, 2012. 

From the website:

"It’s a conference for women like you looking for ways to apply the Bible to every aspect of life. Logos Bible Software has brought Christian women from across the nation to speak on issues such as love, communication, and health—and what God says about them."

Sounds great, right? If you're in the Dallas area, get yourself there. Registration is only $79, and fantastic speakers await you! Some I would love to see include Leslie Vernick, Elyse Fitzpatrick, and Angela Thomas, but there are so many more.

There's really so much good happening through the Logos Bible Software ministries right now friends. I'm so glad to call them friends, so go ahead check them out for yourself today!