what happens when women sit around the table

It was absolutely beautiful, and the presence of the Lord was all around. Hope for the Weary Mom

I grew up Southern Baptist friends, so for me to say that the presence of the Lord was with us? That I could feel Him close? Well, it just tells you that what happened in Austin, Texas was an amazing thing. The spirit of the day felt worshipful to me - "take your shoes off you're on holy ground" worshipful.

Around the table

Sometime last fall, Stacey Thacker and I received an invitation to come speak to the Lamplighters Women's Bible Study in Austin, Texas for the first in a series of new Kitchen Table Talks. (If you're in the Austin area, there's really no reason you shouldn't be connected with this group of amazing women). Here are some of the highlights (in no particular order):

1. Kristin Schell (in the middle) is fabulous in every way. I'm not sure she knows how much Jesus shines through her, but He does. She glows Jesus.

Kitchen Table Talk

2. There is something about a bunch of southern women in rocking chairs on a porch on a ranch in Texas. I can't think of a time when I felt more at peace.

Hope for the Weary Mom

3. Getting to speak honestly and openly about the God Who meets us in our mess with Stacey Thacker (beautiful inside and out).

Kitchen Table Talk

4. Knowing that this little dream started with the three of us praying together at the Relevant Conference (now Allume), worked its way to fruition as the three of us prayed together from Virginia, Texas, and Florida, and was a success because God wanted Himself glorified through weary mamas still in the trenches.

Kitchen Table Talk

5. In Florida a few weeks ago I had to watch for Alligators. In Texas, apparently you have to watch for Fire Ants. They even have their own signs.

Lamplighter's Kitchen Table Talks

6. I felt compelled to pray on our drive to the church for the Kitchen Table Talk that God would move even in just one woman's heart. The number "one" was heavy on my heart and I felt like there would be someone there fighting a huge battle. We later found out that someone met Jesus face-to-face and gave her life to Him for the first time during the talk. That, friends, is what Hope for the Weary Mom is all about.

I count our lovely Texas trip a wild success. Thank you SO much Lamplighters, Kristin Schell, and Covenant Presbyterian Church for your gracious hospitality, encouragement, and for being used in the lives of weary moms.

If you would like information about bringing Hope for the Weary Mom to your area or church, email us at hopeforthewearymom (at) gmail (dot) com.


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